A Spicewood Saturday

A Spicewood Saturday

Some good friends of ours, Josh & Kaeley, had asked us to join them for a fun Saturday outing to Spicewood and some of the wineries out there. I had no idea that Spicewood had such charm and beauty!

Our first stop was the Stone House Vineyard, which is now one of my favorite wineries in Texas! Gorgeous setting, amazing mansion on the property, and fun friends to enjoy it with. The wines themselves are mostly from Australia, where the owner grows the majority of the grapes and casks the wine for small batch distribution.  There are two wines on the list, however, where the grapes are grown right there in Spicewood - and honestly, they were my favorite! It's ironic-- I used to think that Texas wines tasted mostly like Kool-Aid, but the evolution of the Texas wine has been a positive progression. We're getting closer, that's for sure.

After Stone House, we intended to venture over to El Gaucho Winery, which specializes in Argentinian Malbecs, but due to a private event, we had to make a quick impromptu decision. Do we head back to Austin, or do we see what comes up on Google Maps. I'm really glad our navigator, TJ - my husband, looked up what was nearby, because we ended up finding a moonshine distillery that just happened to be hosting a Grand Opening event that day. A little timid to see what a Hill Country moonshine distillery would even look like, I was surprised at the quaintness of the place and how many people actually showed up! The bar at Crystal Creek Moonshine was packed and there was live music to boot. We tried all the flavors, but my favorite was the "Moon-Mule" which had their Serrano & Cucumber moonshine, lime and ginger beer. DELISH. Perfect for a hot summer day. Not sure if this is still on the official menu, but I bet you can ask for it (wink wink).

After we had sampled the faire and listened to some talented musicians who were playing at the event, we made our final stop at Pizzeria Sorellina. I was excited to try on of Josh & Kaeley's favorite pizza spots, and it definitely did not disappoint. The atmosphere was casual and family-friendly, but modern enough to make the city folks feel closer to home. TJ and I decided to build our own pizza while the Bensons grabbed a Bianco. At the end of the meal, and with the oncoming thunderstorm, we were full and ready to head home for a Netflix-and-chill kind of evening.

So glad we got to spend time with these dear friends.... the spontaneity and the spirits made the whole day feel like a little getaway. We should definitely do that more often. Cheers!