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A Visit to The Southern Gentleman

Raquel ChandlerComment
A Visit to The Southern Gentleman
I was raised to stand up when you walk in the door,
Spin you ‘round an old hard pine floor,
Rock you, baby, on a wrap-around porch
Underneath a magnolia blossom,
Walk you down a live oak road,
Barefoot bridge, see a sunset show
Say I love you when I pull you close
And you know it’s true as the Gospel:
Ain’t nobody gonna love you better than
This Southern Gentleman.

Southern Gentleman, Luke Bryan

I don't love Luke Bryan, but I do love a song with lyrics that celebrate the well-mannered men of the South. Heck, I'm married to one of the best examples of Southern charm, hospitality and chivalry. And like a true Southern man of honor, he humored me by taking me out to brunch on our last day in Atlanta and none other than The Southern Gentleman in Buckhead. 

We had been in the ATL for the nuptial festivities of our dear friends Catherine & Patrick (whom I’m sure you saw a lot of this weekend if you happen follow me on Instagram).  I knew we had several hours before we were to hop on a plane back to Austin, so prior to our trip, I made brunch reservations at this restaurant I had been dying to eat at since our last Atlanta excursion.  Last time, we only got to visit for a nightcap, indulging in a few late night libations the night of the Mayweather/Pacquiao Fight. This time, I was ready to sink my teeth into something hearty and delicious, especially since we were coming off a pretty crazy weekend of running all around town, not enough sleep, wedding champagne, and post-nuptial hotel drinks. We were going to need sustenance and The Southern Gentleman’s brunch menu would definitely hit the spot.

With the exception of Atlanta’s citywide rule of not selling liquor before 12:30pm on Sundays, I wasn’t disappointed in our experience.  We were greeted with a friendly smile and charming drawl (melt!) and shown right to our patio table, which was lovely, considering it was actually less than the 100 degrees this Texan is used to for this time of year.  My hubby, our travel buddies and I were quickly drawn to a few key things on the menu and within moments we had ordered and looked forward to knocking our sleepy hangovers off and getting into a better Sunday vibe.  

The music from the solo guitarist inside carried out onto the patio, which was a nice touch for a laid-back morning. It certainly would have been nicer to wait for our food with a mimosa or two down the hatch, but water and coffee certainly worked their magic. When the food arrived, I was excited to see my Pimento Cheese & Dixie Bacon Omelet – the color was perfect, and my side of link sausage called my name. I watched as my husband’s Braised Beef Hash was placed at his setting and envied his Angel Biscuit…."Why didn’t I get one?" I secretly thought.    Our friends each ordered the Parmesan Omelet, and although one of them was surprised that it was cooked more like a frittata, I explained that’s what “double sided soft cooked egg” means (from the menu).  When I took a bite of this “omelet,” I thought it was fluffy, crispy from the parmesan crust on the top, and downright tasty. 

My Pimento Cheese & Dixie Bacon Omelet was everything I expected it to be, traditional French-style, soft and gooey center with a delicious bacon surprise inside.  It was tarte and comforting all at the same time.  The sausage was sweet and reminded me of something farm-made (like my grandmother would have cured and cooked). 

I’d give you a recap of TJ’s Braised Beef Hash, grits & biscuit….but he ate it so quickly that I didn’t even get to taste it! #jealous. 

We finally were able to get a carafe of mimosas to the table, which was a sight for sore eyes. With those quickly thrown back, we wrapped up our brunch and made our way downstairs to meander around the The Shops At Buckhead and then head to the airport. I wish we had more time to sit and chat, but all good things must come to an end.

Thanks so much for the southern hospitality, Southern Gentleman. Much obliged.