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A Flavorful August

Raquel ChandlerComment
A Flavorful August

I didn't realize until I got my recent {temporary} rejection letter from the Austin Food Bloggers Alliance that I hadn't written anything since my banana bread recipe.  I also didn't realized how many yummy things I had eaten this month! From modern Southern-style cooking to Southeast Asian, my tastebuds were everywhere, and I have no complaints.  Some of the tasty thinsg on here are even homemade - I took a stab at making some traditional Filipino dessert - a fun and messy experiment. Take a trip down short-term memory lane with me as I reminisce on August foodie adventures. {Try not to lick your screen, please.}


Rock Rose - Thai KunCrab fried rice, Thai Water Spinach with crispy pork, and Chicken Skins


Harpoon Brewing Co.'s Camp Wannamango Pale Ale (with Mango) - found at WhipIn.  This summery brew has all the best things about Pale Ales with just the subtlest touch of tropical vacation mixed in.  Drink this on a hot summer date, I mean, day.


Puto | Not what you {Spanish speakers} think It Is 

One of my favorite childhood desserts growing up in a half-Filipino household was Puto, a sticky and sweet rice muffin that I only got to eat a couple of times a year when we visited our family in Dallas - so these were 'special occasion' desserts to me. Found the box mix at the Hong Kong Market here in Austin and bought a little steamer

Poke-Poke | The Surfer's Sashimi

If you haven't tried this unique style of sashimi in a bowl, you are missing out on a healthy and delicious concoction that's perfect if you're on the go, trying to eat health, or just plain hungry.  I had the Aloha Style bowl with sriracha, avocado and macadamia nuts and my mine was blown away by the taste explosion.  Go. Now. 

Photo Credit: Yelp User

Irenes | American Comfort Food, Strong Cocktails, Fun & Vintage Atmosphere

After several months of being totally jealous of all the cute and girlie photos of folks underneath the Irene's sign, I finally remembered to go there for brunch with a good girlfriend of mind.  Nestled in the cute little spot where the old Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar used to be, I was reminded of how many good memories of watching New Orleans Saints games and drinking too many "Open Water" Shark cocktails back in the day.  With an excited attitude, a hungry belly, and a thirsty palate, we were ready to dive right in to Irenes.  Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed in the service right away - not a lot of help in figuring out where to go and when we finally sat down, no one tended to us for a good 15 minutes. Finally, we were asked what our drinks were and if we'd like to go ahead and order - so we did.  I wanted to take brunch pretty tamely, considering I had just gone out drinking and dancing with some other girlfriends the night before and was still recovering.  Mimosas and iced coffee seemed like the safe choice, so we went with that and the biscuits: one with gravy, the other with cheddar and bacon. Our mouths were watering at the thought of the food, and I was excited about elevating my blood sugar from not eating the night before and drinking relatively heavily for a 32-year-old (4 drinks. count them, 4 drinks. #facepalm). I needed food and soon.

Well because it started raining, we moved to bar outside, tried to flag down our waiter, but he was nowhere to be found. Needless to say, he assumed we had left and had canceled our order. FML. Luckily, the sweet bar tender made sure we go an order in, filled our waters to the brim on the regular and checked in on us frequently.  Once our food got there, I felt much better, although, not impressed. I know most people who don't cook will think I'm crazy - and say something like "Those were the best biscuits I've ever had - and that gravy - yum!"  As a Southern cook, my grandmother would have been appalled - and I almost was.  Any good Southern girl knows how to make a breakfast treat as simple as Biscuits & Gravy or an egg and bacon biscuit.  I will say... "it was ok."  If I ever went back, I'd want to go for happy hour and try something different and see it in a different light. I'm definitely open to try this cute restaurant a second time, but I won't be ordering biscuits. 

Sawyer & Co.

Cutest little East Side eatery, specializing in Cajun spins on Southern classics.  Try everything and sit on the patio - no regrets!