Enter the Wu Chow

Enter the Wu Chow

Well, well, well... I finally made it to Wu Chow to visit my friend C.K. Chin and take part in his amazing Dim Sum service for Sunday Brunch. 

I'll let the photos speak for themselves, but we were REALLY impressed by not only the food, but the service and ambiance as well.  If you want a modern, yet authentic Chinese dining experience, go see C.K. He worked SO hard his whole life so that he could make his own mark in the restaurant industry. I first met him years ago when he was managing Paggi House, which was famous in Austin for its brunch and happy hour...and that magnificent patio - man I miss that place. After that, he ventured out on his own to open Swift's Attic, which is one of my favorite downtown lunch spots, specializing in a sexy spin on local Texas comfort food.  This time around, at Wu Chow, he sought after tastes a little closer to home.  May I remind you - this isn't your hole-in-the-wall dirty Chinese restaurant that some nay-sayers (yeah, you know who you are...) might say is "more authentic." This isn't your grandmother's Chinese kitchen. This is C.K.'s grandmother's kitchen - so leave your "judgey panties" at home.  He pays homage to his family and heritage by utilizing family recipes and contemporary Asian charm to wow customers and fill their bellies.  

My reco - ask your server to order for you based on your dietary needs, preferences/taste, and how hungry you and your guests are.  Trust them, I promise they will make sure everything from the Shanghai Pork Soup Dumplings (our fave!) to the Shitake Turnip Cakes (interesting and delish!) worth the anxiety of not knowing what's coming next.   Wash it all down with their exotic $1 Chrysanthemum Tea Mimosas. 

While you're there - don't forget two things: 1) a very special inscription is etched into the cement near the bar on the East-facing windows... it's all the family member's names who helped make this restaurant dream come true. 2) Don't forget to take a selfie with "Gold Dirty Bastard" - the infamous pet goldfish that lives near the hostess stand.  He's got his own Instagram - and it's awesome.  

Couldn't be more proud of you, C.K....and I can't wait to go back and try something new.  Thank you so much for opening up "your home" to us!