V-Day Adventure

V-Day Adventure

When asked what romantic thing I wanted to do for Valentine's Day this year, I of course replied with, "Let's get sweaty outside and then go eat BBQ."  And that, folks, is how you keep your marriage. 

And so we set forth on a quick day trip out to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, with the intent of getting our ever-loving hike on, getting super tired and sweaty....in order to reward ourselves with the goodness of Coopers Bar-B-Q in Llano, Texas.  My mouth is watering just remembering it. 

If you've never been to Enchanted Rock - here's a piece of advice: DO NOT GO ON VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND. Wait - did you read that right? Yep, DO NOT GO ON VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND. You've read it twice now, so it must be true.  We were bouncing along in Hubby's brand new 4Runner, dog in tote, singing Texas country songs at the top of our lungs with the windows down and the gorgeous sunny weather upon us.....only to get about 4 miles away and realize THIS was the line to get into the park.  Note to self: DO NOT GO ON VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND. Three. 

Lucky for us, we're pretty patient people, AND we had our mind set on going out here, so we didn't lose heart and we waited in line. For an hour. BUT, once we arrived, we were pleased to see there were actually not that many people on the Rock and we'd get to explore all around it.  As you can tell by the photos on here, the views are spectacular. You feel so tiny on that rock - puts life and your purpose into perspective.  After several hours of hiking up and around, splashing through watering holes with the pup, and just getting plum tuckered out - we decided it was finally time. Time to grub. 


Before living in Texas, I was never a big fan of barbecue. Honestly, I think it's the sauce part. I also have a confession - I haven't tried too many barbecue places here in Texas, but I feel like I've tried the best ones.  One of which was on our agenda for V-day: Coopers. I had been there before with my best girlfriends after a fun early day of taking photos in the bluebonnets (if you're  not from Texas and have never seen them, I'm going to need you to plan a trip in the springtime, STAT). This time around, I got to bring Hubby for the first time and I think it really left an impression. And a full belly. 

We went with the smoker staples: brisket, pork ribs, chicken and sausage links... but then we got googly-eyed at the ribeye and beef ribs. The amount of food the two of us ordered could have fed a family of 8. But hey, we're ambitious. 

After a ridiculous meal like that - where you can't feel your legs and the only thing you can think of doing afterward is take a nice long nap - you do the only natural next thing: eat cobbler. Yep, that's right, homemade blackberry cobbler. 

Needless to say, we were stuffed, but we earned it!  And you know what? We'll be back again soon.